Like Paper In Fire

He’s not just my Master, he is also my Lord, my heart and my soul!  I am shamelessly in love with him.  I know he is with other women, and I am willing to share – so shamelessly in love – I share so I can have my sliver of him.  He is rough, but sensual and he truly cares for me, this I know for sure.  He invests much time into me, being more than my Master, but my lover and my friend as well.  I have nothing but the utmost respect for him, but my heart has fallen so madly in love with him, that sometimes I want to leave.  For I am nothing but a cowardly slave, afraid of her own heart.  Sometimes, I would rather feel nothing at all than feel all of this.  But most times, all of this is blissfully sweet – to feel true life coming back into me.  And HE brought this all about.  I have been awakened from a dead, cold sleep of seclusion and apathy and despair by this man.  He commands me…ALL OF ME…much to my delight.  How can I explain it to anyone but a slave?  So many think that this is not right, but if it is not, I DON’T WANT TO BE RIGHT.  I want him, I need him, I love him, I bleed for him.  I am utterly consumed!  Like paper in fire, I’m consumed by desire…a desire to serve him… to hear him call me a “good girl.”  He touches me in so many ways, not just physically, although that is sublime!  It’s in his eyes when he’s inside of me…it’s in his touch that makes my flesh rise.  It’s on his lips when he calls me his Lady….how can I explain it to anyone but a slave?

Stay of Punishment

Master did NOT punish me this time, but gave me a strict warning that if I abused his trust again, he would lash me until my rear end bled and I wouldn’t be able to sit for a month.  It may sound harsh to you, but it wasn’t.

Master and I had the most AMAZING sex to date this past weekend!  I am VERY fulfilled.  He’s coming up again on Thursday to spend the weekend and celebrate Mabon with me, as part of the coven.  We have another potential member that we are talking to right now, and SHE my be up Saturday, as well.  The more, the merrier, I say!

Yesterday and Our Side Businesses

Master made it up yesterday.  He’s in my bed right now.  He’ll be leaving today.

Master was quite pleased with my slave costume, which pleased me in return.  He wonders if I can get away with wearing it to the Renaissance Festival in October, but I am WAY TOO SELF CONSCIOUS of my body to allow for that.  But I DID tell him that we could take the leash and walk around like that, and that pleased him.

Master tried to show me the art of making chain mail, and quite honestly, it requires too much patience for me.  I don’t see how he does it, but he seems to really enjoy it.  I bought him some rings for making chain mail as a token gift for our handfasting.  They were ordered online and sent to my house and yesterday was the first time he saw them.  He seems very happy with them.  Master is starting a side business of making chain mail items, and I bought him some business cards for it.  If you have something you want made, go to

I also have a business.  Aesobol’s Broomcloset, where I make witchy stuff, mostly sachets.  You can go to to contact me.  So, we’re pretty busy, with our businesses and trying to start the coven and running the websites and Facebook page.  I am trying to talk Master into getting a website of his own.  If I do, I’ll let you know.

Frustrating Day

Master didn’t make it to my house yesterday.  He made it to where I usually pick him up, but late, and his cell phone was dead, so he couldn’t retrieve my number.  You know how it is when you have a cell phone:  You store everyone’s number in there and don’t memorize any of them.  I have an old cellphone with everyone’s number in it that I just now found and recharged just to get the numbers.  I have a land line now, so I have to make a list of numbers that I keep here next to the phone.  Anyway, I COMPLETELY understand that Master had his hands tied (hehehe…Master…with HIS hands tied) with a dead phone.  He will be coming up today.  Unfortunately, the house isn’t immaculate, like it was yesterday, because Dillon has made a small mess, so I have to tidy up a bit before his arrival.

Anyway, yesterday was a frustrating day, to say the least.  Not to mention a let down.  But I look forward to today.  I don’t know if Master will stay the weekend, or if I will have to take him back to the bus stop  tonight.  The buses run a weekday schedule and a weekend schedule, and he can’t make it home on Saturday or Sunday.  If he DOES plan on staying the weekend, it beats the hell outta me how I’m going to feed him!  I guess I’ll just have to get creative.

So, hopefully by late this morning, he’ll be here.