Yesterday and Our Side Businesses

Master made it up yesterday.  He’s in my bed right now.  He’ll be leaving today.

Master was quite pleased with my slave costume, which pleased me in return.  He wonders if I can get away with wearing it to the Renaissance Festival in October, but I am WAY TOO SELF CONSCIOUS of my body to allow for that.  But I DID tell him that we could take the leash and walk around like that, and that pleased him.

Master tried to show me the art of making chain mail, and quite honestly, it requires too much patience for me.  I don’t see how he does it, but he seems to really enjoy it.  I bought him some rings for making chain mail as a token gift for our handfasting.  They were ordered online and sent to my house and yesterday was the first time he saw them.  He seems very happy with them.  Master is starting a side business of making chain mail items, and I bought him some business cards for it.  If you have something you want made, go to

I also have a business.  Aesobol’s Broomcloset, where I make witchy stuff, mostly sachets.  You can go to to contact me.  So, we’re pretty busy, with our businesses and trying to start the coven and running the websites and Facebook page.  I am trying to talk Master into getting a website of his own.  If I do, I’ll let you know.




A place for the BDSM community that I highly recommend.  You can look me up there (once you have an account) as aesobol.  Message me that you are from my blog and need friends, and I will friend you.