The New Man (Master Approved)

I think I have stated this before, but Master allows me to sleep around…just like he does.  I can sleep with any girl I want to, but for men, I have to get his approval.

We met a couple of people at my house this past Saturday night who are interested in the coven.  For some reason, I was attracted to the male of the twosome.  He expressed interest in me today, something that delighted me.  So, I asked Master if I could “be” with him, and Master approved.  He will be coming up Thursday night and Saturday night to be with me.  He is VERY attracted to me (I don’t know why), but I am also VERY attracted to him.  I see this as a sign that I am progressing in the lifestyle, which makes me very happy.  Master won’t be up this week, so it’s also good timing.  I look forward to Thursday, and again, Saturday.  I would go so far as to say I’m excited.

Other things:  We’re having a “meet and greet” for potential coven members on the 3rd of October at my house.  Earlier on that day, I will be getting my labia and nipples pierced.  That is the next time Master will be up.

This past weekend, I found some of Master’s behavior to be rather rude.  He was on my computer, as always, but was chatting with a woman he regularly sleeps with in front of me.  I didn’t like that.  However, I am but a lowly slave, so could not say anything about it.  If it happens again, though, I plan to.

My parents took our news well.  Better than expected.  I am relieved.  I asked Master what his plans were for Thanksgiving, and he said he was considering flying out to Baltimore to be with his ex-girlfriend, and that made my blood boil.  Seems I will always be second best to this woman, and for the life of me, I do not see what he sees in her.  He told me that the man she is living with will be gone, and he felt sorry for her.  I asked him who he wanted to be with more, but he never gave me a straight answer.  Again, I do not feel I have the right to demand anything of Master, but I DO believe he needs to know that he’s hurting me.  So I emailed him earlier this evening, perhaps saying more than I should, but I had to get it out.  One of the things I said was that he treated me like trash…trash he wadded and dashed to the ground and walked away from.  He will not like hearing it, but it was something that needed to be said.

2 responses to “The New Man (Master Approved)

  1. Would you be happier with the same level of affection, bonding, with an owner who does not share you, and does not roam?
    You don’t have to share a man unless you agree to it.
    You can always obey a Master who doesn’t want/need poly.
    Some do not require it.

  2. I’ve been deeply “under” a Dominant, in a very extreme way. I am not an amateur so I know what I am talking about. Being treated like the slave you are and being treated like sh*t are two different things. You’re being treated like sh*t. It may seem that next to him you can achieve anything but feeling down when your “Sun” is not up to the task is the clear sign of (I’ve been there) lack of self esteem and depression, hence the masochistic need to accept being treated like sh*t, because it’s still better having that than having nothing. I’ve been there, trust me. What you need to do is to see a shrink and gain your self confidence back and dump the guy. He is no Master. Th Master’s duty is to look after his slave and ensure her well being. Chatting to fuckbuddies and spending holidays with his ex is disrespectful and hurting to an unimaginable level. And sadistic, but not in a good way. At some point he will tire of you, get bored and simply dump you. You, unfortunately, mean zero to the man.
    And who’s gonna be there to pick up the pieces ?

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