Like Paper In Fire

He’s not just my Master, he is also my Lord, my heart and my soul!  I am shamelessly in love with him.  I know he is with other women, and I am willing to share – so shamelessly in love – I share so I can have my sliver of him.  He is rough, but sensual and he truly cares for me, this I know for sure.  He invests much time into me, being more than my Master, but my lover and my friend as well.  I have nothing but the utmost respect for him, but my heart has fallen so madly in love with him, that sometimes I want to leave.  For I am nothing but a cowardly slave, afraid of her own heart.  Sometimes, I would rather feel nothing at all than feel all of this.  But most times, all of this is blissfully sweet – to feel true life coming back into me.  And HE brought this all about.  I have been awakened from a dead, cold sleep of seclusion and apathy and despair by this man.  He commands me…ALL OF ME…much to my delight.  How can I explain it to anyone but a slave?  So many think that this is not right, but if it is not, I DON’T WANT TO BE RIGHT.  I want him, I need him, I love him, I bleed for him.  I am utterly consumed!  Like paper in fire, I’m consumed by desire…a desire to serve him… to hear him call me a “good girl.”  He touches me in so many ways, not just physically, although that is sublime!  It’s in his eyes when he’s inside of me…it’s in his touch that makes my flesh rise.  It’s on his lips when he calls me his Lady….how can I explain it to anyone but a slave?

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